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Cybersecurity Guide for the Board

October 12, 2022
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST

Betsy Ziegler
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Technical Support
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Keeping up with an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape can be a full-time challenge. It is imperative that the board has a deep understanding of cybersecurity competencies to get ahead of risks.  However, many board members face the pressures of fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities along with the oversite of cybersecurity and privacy risks.

Today, building a comprehensive cyber program is a necessity and must be a joint effort between the board and cybersecurity professionals. Join us to learn more about what your organization needs to protect itself against cyber threats. Learn how to effectively mitigate risks, strengthen your cybersecurity posture, and how to help minimize the negative impact on both short- and long-term business goals.
Thomas Johnson, Director and Cyber GTM Leader, Cyber Cloud Security & Infrastructure, BDO Digital, LLC
Rob Philpotts, Director and Lead- Cyber Threat Management and Response, BDO Lixar
Nikesh Doshi, Senior Consultant- Cloud Security, BDO Lixar
Dishank Rustogi, Senior Manager and Lead- Cyber Risk Management and Transformation, BDO Lixar
Mark Zuzarte, Director and Lead- Application and Offensive Security, BDO Lixar

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