• Automate and optimize tax processes

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The demands on corporate tax departments have become increasingly challenging to manage while resources remain constrained. As a result, many companies find the need to optimize their internal processes and increase their use of technology to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Does your tax department function optimally?
  • Do your tax provision, compliance, and tax planning processes help mitigate risk?
  • Is your tax process flow efficient and streamlined?
  • Do you have tax technology and processes in place to address changing regulation and legislation?
  • Would your tax department be used as a benchmark by your peers?

If you answered no to any of the above, your tax department is prime for transformation.

We take a holistic approach to optimizing the tax function from source data optimization to reporting and analytics, working with our clients to develop and execute a comprehensive tax automation strategy. We start by discussing your pain points and identifying pilot projects to drive immediate cost savings and process efficiencies.





A manufacturing company had more than 2,000 tax accounting reports that needed to be run on a quarterly basis. BDO developed a bot to automate processing of the company’s quarterly and year-end reports. The bot saved the company eight hours of work every quarter, freeing up the tax team to focus on other valuable activities during the critical year-end periods.



BDO’s Tax Transformation Guide

Learn how transforming the tax department can benefit the entirety of the organization and the step-by-step process to get started.

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