The ripple effect of legislative and regulatory change is increasing complexity and compliance requirements in tax departments around the world. Demands are higher, yet resources remain constrained. This is where tax transformation and automation can help.

  • Does your tax department function optimally?
  • Do your tax provision, compliance, and tax planning processes help mitigate risk?
  • Is your tax process flow efficient and streamlined?
  • Have you automated tax technologies to comply with tax reform, Wayfair and other changing tax legislation?
  • Would your tax department be used as a benchmark by your peers?
If you answered no to any of the above, your tax department is prime for transformation. BDO’s tax analytics and automation team will work with you to identify pain points and automate inefficient processes, allowing you to spend more time deriving insights from data and less time gathering it.

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A manufacturing company had more than 2,000 tax accounting reports that needed to be run on a quarterly basis. BDO developed a bot to automate processing of the company’s quarterly and year-end reports. The bot saved the company eight hours of work every quarter, freeing up the tax team to focus on other valuable activities during the critical year-end periods.

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Managing Director, Tax Performance Engineering

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Indirect Tax Automation National Leader


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Managing Director, Data Analytics & Automation