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A Power BI dashboard marketplace that can help support you in your journey towards advanced analytics.

Our marketplace offers an array of dashboard templates backed by a team of seasoned practitioners. These templates help businesses to easily bridge the gap between data and action with easy-to-digest visuals not only improving the user experience but also allowing for faster decision making.

Logistics Dashboard View


Maximize Client Reach, Optimize Operations, Identify New Opportunities, Streamline Processes and Drive Growth.

This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of sales, revenue, and profit trends across various categories, empowering users to identify performance gaps and opportunities. It enables businesses to optimize their sales strategies, track growth, and make data-driven decisions.
Manufacturing Dashboard View


Optimize Operations, Expand Product Penetration, Drive Cost Efficiency and Enhance Operational Performance.

This dashboard enables users to compare actual sales against budgeted targets, track trends over time, and evaluate the profitability of products. It empowers businesses to optimize their manufacturing processes, identify sales performance gaps, and make informed decisions to drive profitability.
Marketing Dashboard View


Personalize Pricing, Predict Growth, Mature Offerings, Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Drive Sustainable Growth.

This dashboard allows users to analyze campaign performance, guest ratings, and revenue generated from targeted audiences. It empowers businesses to optimize their marketing strategies, identify successful campaigns, and drive revenue growth by targeting the right audience.
Banking Dashboard View


Scale Your Business, Attract High-Quality Leads, Understand Your Client Base and Drive Growth.

This dashboard enables users to review sales performance on a yearly, monthly, and quarterly basis, evaluate sales summaries for all products, and access detailed sales information categorized by product type. It empowers businesses in the banking industry to track sales trends, identify product performance, and make informed decisions to drive growth.
Financial Dashboard View

Financial Services

Understand Your Client Base, Drive Growth, and Elevate Lead Generation Strategies.

This dashboard offers a concise overview of open accounts, allowing users to analyze customer diversity based on factors such as credit scores, age, and profession. It empowers businesses in the financial services sector to proactively manage risk, identify high-risk customers and loans, and mitigate potential losses.