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    BDO prides itself on helping our people succeed
    both in and out of the office.

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More than just professional success.

BDO’s Core Purpose is helping people thrive, every day. And that doesn’t just mean our clients. We strive to help everyone at BDO thrive both in and out of the office – to grow as professionals, while meeting their commitments to their families, communities, and personal lives as a whole.

To that end, BDO maintains a number of programs and initiatives to support our people, both in and out of the office.

BDO Flex
Workplace flexibility is more than just a benefit. In today’s 24/7 global work reality, it’s essential. From the day-to-day flexibility to attend a child’s soccer game, to a formal arrangement to telecommute long-term, BDO Flex allows our people to adjust where, when, or how much they work – even the types of work they do. Everyone has unique needs, responsibilities, and interests, and so we encourage our people to find a mutually beneficial mix of workplace commitment and personal flexibility. For more information, visit BDO's Work + Life Fit page or visit our career website to learn how BDO professionals use Flex.

BDO Green
Green business is better for the environment – and for BDO too. BDO Green is our commitment to both protecting the planet and improving cost efficiencies, including company-wide recycling initiatives and local efforts to reduce energy consumption. For more information, visit BDO's Social Impact page.

BDO Counts
BDO Counts is our volunteerism program. In addition to nationwide initiatives, such as our Week of Service, BDO supports a wide variety of activities chosen by local offices and individuals. For more information, visit BDO's Community Involvement page.

Core Values
People first. Exceptional every day, every way. Embrace change. Empowerment through knowledge. Choose accountability.
These are BDO’s core values, the set of standards for the work we do, the way we treat our clients, and the way we treat each other. They guide us through the challenges of our profession, and they are what make BDO a dynamic and supportive working environment. For more information, visit BDO's Core Purpose and Core Values page.