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By Restaurant Practice Leaders | June 05, 2019

First-Time 401(K) Plan Audits: What to Expect

For restaurants starting a 401(k) plan to better attract and retain talent, one of the most significant mandates they should be familiar with is the audit requirement. In the second installment of our Employee Benefits blog series, we... read more

By Kari Maue | April 22, 2019

Starting a 401(K) Plan: What You Need to Know

Faced with a tight labor market, many restaurants are looking into offering defined contribution plans as a way to attract and retain talent. read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | May 14, 2015

401(k) Plan Compliance: Understanding Audit Requirements

Does your 401(k) Plan need an audit? With the July 31st reporting deadline for employee benefit plan Form 5500s quickly approaching, it’s important for restaurants to be familiar with the 401(k) audit compliance rules before it... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | February 12, 2015

Make Sure Your 401(k) Plan is in Compliance

By now, you should have completed requests from your third-party administrator (TPA) regarding employee census data, including dates of birth, dates of hire, number of hours worked last year, and... read more