By Restaurant Practice Leaders | November 23, 2022

ERC Updates

This article addresses a few of the issues that restaurants face regarding the refund processing, IRS examinations of credits and tax liabilities, including potential underpayment penalties due on the refunds.

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | March 22, 2022

Do You Believe in Ghost Kitchens?

Between operational disruptions, government restrictions, labor shortages and other challenges, restaurants have been one of the hardest-hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Michael Kenehan | January 13, 2022

Are Gift Cards Really a “Gift” for the Restaurant Industry?

Given the popularity of gift cards among both issuers and recipients, restauranteurs should understand the pros and cons of selling and issuing gift cards.

By Lisa Haffer | December 16, 2021

DOL Final Tip Regulations May Require Employers to Pay Full Federal Minimum Wage to Tipped Employees

The Department of Labor’s final tip rule is scheduled to take effect on December 28, 2021. As drafted, the final rule will limit the amount of time tipped employees can spend performing non-tip-producing work while still receiving cash wages as low as $2.13 per hour.

By Steven Mroczkowski | December 06, 2021

Repayment of Deferred Employer Social Security Taxes

The past 18 months have ushered in immense hardship in the restaurant industry as the nation and the world try to find a new normal in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Historic supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and now inflation are complicating recovery even further.

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | November 11, 2021

Employee Retention Credit to End September 30, 2021 Instead of At Year End

As stated in past blog posts, one of the most beneficial COVID-19 tax relief measures for the restaurant industry is the employee retention credit (ERC).

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | September 29, 2021

Restaurant Technology Series Part 1: The Restaurant of the Future

More than a year ago, no one could have predicted the unprecedented challenges faced by so many restaurants around the world due to a major global pandemic. Customer demand for convenience and flawless digital experiences are on the rise and further fueled by the pandemic.