By Dana Zukofsky | July 06, 2017

Tips for Integrating Third-Party Delivery

Third-party delivery services provide a level of convenience that consumers cherish and have come to expect. But for restaurant owners, integrating these services presents a whole host of challenges.

By Angela Newell | June 30, 2017

Topic 606, A View from the Kitchen

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | May 02, 2017

Part 3: Incentive Programs for Restaurateurs

In addition to short-term and long-term equity based incentive plans as discussed in the first two installments of this series, there are two widely used pseudo-equity incentives which allow key employees to share in the long-term growth of the business while also...

By Dustin Minton | April 20, 2017

Negotiating Tips On Debt Covenants and Personal Guarantees

Non-compliance with debt agreement financial covenants can be costly, time-intensive and distracting to your business. It is important to understand the financial covenants your lender expects you to uphold and the variables that could prevent compliance. In addition, be sure...

By Vince Stasiulewicz | April 14, 2017

To Deliver Or Not To Deliver

The way we are eating "out" is rapidly changing, especially as more millennials enter the workforce. While millennials dine-in an average of two to three times per week, 74 percent of the cohort would order delivery from traditional restaurants, according to the National...

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | April 04, 2017

Incentive Programs for Restaurateurs: Part 2

In addition to short term incentives discussed in the first installment in this series, there are many long-term incentives (LTIs) available for businesses to apply when attracting and retaining key talent. If you're a restaurateur that envisions using equity to share your...

By Dustin Minton | March 30, 2017

The Counter: Restaurant Industry Results for 2016

Restaurants sales stalled in 2016 as uncertainty around the U.S. economic and regulatory environments persisted. Our annual analysis of publicly traded restaurants found that same-store sales were flat last year - a slightly more optimistic picture than in Q3 when the industry...

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | March 14, 2017

Mapping A Route Through Industry Saturation

At times, learning how to manage in an oversaturated market can feel like trying to drive on a crowded highway during rush hour. In the moment, road blocks and traffic may slow you downbut what matters most is that you ultimately reach your destination.