By Restaurant Practice Leaders | September 14, 2016

The Counter: How Did Your Restaurant Fare?

Each quarter, we take a look at publicly traded restaurant companies’ operating results to provide insightful benchmarking information. In this issue of The Counter (previously known as quarterly Benchmarking Updates), we look at the first half of 2016—and introduce a new look.

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | August 10, 2016

The Domestic Production Activities Deduction: An Untapped Savings Opportunity for Restaurants?

Many taxpayers in the restaurant industry may not be aware that they may qualify for a significant tax deduction available under section 199. Fully phased in for tax years beginning in 2010 and thereafter, section 199 provides a permanent tax deduction (the “domestic...

By Dirk Ahlbeck | August 01, 2016

Protecting Your Brewpub Business from Fraud

Brewpubs, like other business op­erations, need strong internal controls to monitor and maintain the quality of goods and services, maximize profits, and increase the likeli­hood that fraud or theft will be discovered, addressed, and mitigated.

By Jeff Tubaugh | July 19, 2016

Minimize Tax Reporting Errors by Avoiding These Common Myths

There are many misconceptions that lead to tax reporting errors in the restaurant business. We often receive questions or overhear comments from restaurant owners, operators and CFOs about practices that seem normal, but often lead to reporting inaccuracies. Keep reading to...

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | July 12, 2016

Why Pursue a Franchisee Compliance Audit Program?

Is your company leaving money on the table? Do you know everything about what your business partner is doing and how they are doing it? Anytime there is a contract between two parties that requires some form of self-reporting and payment, underreporting can occur.

By Dana Zukofsky | June 29, 2016

Do You Deliver? State and Local Tax Considerations for Restaurants

With the takeout and delivery market estimated at $70 billion, according to TechCrunch, it’s no wonder restaurants of all types—from QSR to full service—are joining the delivery bandwagon.

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | June 14, 2016

Event Recap: BDO Restaurant CFO Bootcamp

Our semi-annual BDO Restaurant CFO Bootcamp was held in Chicago at the end of May. Finance accounting professionals in the restaurant industry spent three days immersed in hot topics and trends in the industry.