Results of Our First Online Poll—And a Few Resources

Several weeks ago, we ran a short survey on the Nonprofit Standard blog to learn a bit more about all of you—our readers—in order to provide you week after week with relevant, insightful commentary on the issues you care about most.

We asked about the nature of your organizations, the communities you serve and your biggest concerns for the weeks and months ahead. The results are in, and here’s some of what we learned:

More than a third of those who responded to our survey work for organizations in the health and human services sector. On a handful of occasions, we’ve written about changes to the Internal Revenue Code as mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (here and here), particularly as they relate to tax-exempt hospitals. In the coming months, we’ll be sure to share additional insights for our loyal readers in the healthcare space.

About half of readers surveyed said they work for a “local” nonprofit organization. To date, we’ve focused much of our writing on nonprofits, generally. We’ve also written quite a bit about different sectors, like healthcare, higher education and public broadcasting. Moving forward, we plan to continue to provide content for each of these constituencies, as well as offer commentary on some of the unique issues affecting nonprofits with a narrower mandate.

“Meeting growing demand with decreased resources” was cited as the primary concern for close to a third of those who participated in the survey. About a fifth of respondents said they worried most about “changes to the charitable donation deduction.” For readers concerned about the first issue, we hope you’ve had a chance to read our post on navigating the tough economy and our commentary on effective financial dashboards, which can help organizations evaluate performance, prioritize activities and manage their finances. And for more on the charitable donation deduction, you can find several of our recent articles here.

We are thrilled with the response we’ve gotten to the Nonprofit Standard blog thus far and are excited about sharing our thoughts in the year ahead. We hope you’ll continue to share your thoughts on the legislation, trends, breaking news and major issues affecting the nonprofit sector as well. Just leave a note in the Comments section below—and stay tuned for lots more from the BDO Nonprofit and Education practice!