BDO File Exchange

Quick Start Guide for Clients

About File Exchange

BDO File Exchange is a web-based file transfer solution providing a simple way to transfer files securely between BDO professionals, BDO clients and other non-BDO contacts.

Updating File Exchange has made logging in easier than ever! Learn how by downloading the new Quick Start Guide.

Read the Quick Start Guide for information on: 

  • How to access File Exchange
  • How to send files
  • How to download a file from an email notification

Items to Note:

  • External users will need to register their email account to access files. 
  • The email address used to register and log in must match the email address to which the file was sent.  
  • Messages received from File Exchange cannot be forwarded. Each link is unique to the recipient for security reasons.  
  • Files may be downloaded up to 14 days after being received. After 14 days, the files will be deleted. Deleted files cannot be recovered by BDO National IT. 
  • The sender has the option of sending the message content secured. 
  • Files up to 8GB can be sent.
  • To resend an email, the entire file must be re-sent and processed. 
  • Files may not be sent to email distribution lists; however, they can be sent to a Shared Mailbox.
  • Security and technical documentation can be found in the top navigation area of the site.

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