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Benchmark your compensation program.

At BDO, we help our clients thrive, every day. Offering key advice and services for compensation and benefits strategies, we help organizations attract, retain, and reward the talented people they need. We are able to design industry-specific, data-driven programs based on our proprietary compensation surveys.
BDO conducts a suite of core surveys. A brief synopsis of each can be found below. By participating in our surveys, you will gain valuable information about your industry, enabling more effective benchmarking of your company’s compensation and benefits programs against those of other top companies in your field. These results are essential for designing compensation plans and programs to add value to your bottom line and drive your strategy forward.
In addition to the surveys outlined below, BDO can conduct a custom survey for your company, association, or industry. BDO’s core compensation surveys include:
Focuses on the clinical research outsourcing industry and provides comprehensive compensation and employee turnover data for over 200 jobs in the U.S. and in over 50 countries around the world. It includes an extensive policy and practice section covering compensation plan design, benefits, allowances, and perquisites.
The hallmark of this survey is a comprehensive picture of the total compensation package for almost 40 executive and senior management positions in the health insurance industry, including annual cash compensation, long-term incentives, and the potential value of other critical executive benefits such as severance and retirement. In addition, the survey provides prevalence of design features of all elements of executive and management pay programs.
Focuses on health insurance companies and reports compensation statistics for all levels of sales, account management, inside sales, and sales support positions in over 10 market segments, including both insurance and specialty product sales. In addition, the survey covers sales incentive plan design features. A detailed pay-for-performance analysis is the hallmark of the survey.
Conducted every other year, this survey focuses on the health insurance industry and covers all elements of compensation for boards of directors, including retainers and fees for board and committee members, chairs and lead director roles, and overall costs of board remuneration.
Covers base salary, annual incentives, and long-term incentives for over 200 positions. Designed to meet the needs of both broad-based HRO companies and niche players. 
Conducted every other year, this survey focuses on Guaranty fund positions, from executive directors to support personnel. The survey provides compensation levels for 38 industry positions and covers incentive plan prevalence and design, health and welfare plans, retirement plans, perquisites, severance, and salary planning.
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