• Policy, Process, and Controls

Establishing the right controls, at the right cost.

At BDO, we help our clients challenge the status quo. Rather than simply relying on “last year’s approach,” our team of talented professionals help companies simplify – and strengthen – their processes and controls to be efficient and effective, while focusing on the risks that matter to them most.
We start by assessing our clients’ internal controls with a systematic, consistent approach, customized to their unique company and industry. By understanding their needs, we’re better able to identify gaps and recognize risk while finding opportunities for control improvement and optimization. Our process includes:
  • Identifying the existing controls universe and quantification of the costs, process impact, and reliability associated with the operation and validation of those controls
  • Highlighting existing controls that mitigate and manage key risks, looking to leverage higher level and system controls; eliminating redundant, inefficient, or ineffective controls
  • Redesigning, automating, or implementing new controls to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Collaborating with external auditors to ensure recommendations for all control changes are agreed upon to ensure financial risks remain fully addressed and managed
  • Designing and implementing an oversight and reporting structure to monitor control effectiveness