• Performance Improvement

Better businesses, brighter futures.

BDO works with clients to achieve superior financial and operational results. Our professionals focus on increasing revenues by improving efficiencies, reducing unnecessary costs, evaluating business operations, facilitating change management, and reconciling operational improvements with financial performance.
We assist organizations that are underperforming or seeking profit improvement, as well as those in transition or those in the midst of a significant acquisition. Whatever the situation, we provide critical integration services in rapid response to our clients’ financial performance needs. Our professionals take an active, hands-on role, instilling confidence in our clients’ investors, lenders, and internal constituencies.
Merging two distinct business cultures is fraught with challenges. We provide post-acquisition integration services, including developing training programs, and monitoring progress. We take a structured approach to change management, leveraging the extensive experience navigating these business situations.

Profit Improvement
  • Cost-reduction opportunity analysis
  • Revenue and margin improvement strategies
  • Productivity improvement
  • Organization structure and effectiveness improvement
  • Lean, Six Sigma and continuous improvement
  • Dashboards, metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  • Supply chain and logistics improvement
  • Strategic planning and growth strategies 

Post-Merger Integration
  • Project management assistance on a transaction covering pre- and post-acquisition activities
  • Development of a joint integration “leave-behind” methodology
  • Filling the gaps where staffing support and technical skills are needed
  • Cost-effective approaches to real-time problems such as information technology and facilities redesign
  • Project team facilitation focusing on targeted savings identification and execution
  • Training and change management planning