Data Strategy, Governance & Compliance

Building strategies to protect your data.

Helping clients better manage – and protect – their most valuable asset

In today’s data driven marketplace, having a comprehensive approach to managing and governing data is critical. Comprehensive data strategies, governance and compliance programs help organizations stay competitive and reduce overall risk.

BDO helps organizations build data strategies to use information as a competitive advantage, meet their regulatory obligations and support enterprise risk management goals. Our team of multi-disciplined professionals gain an understanding of where your data exists to allow you to maximize productivity and reduce data risks.

Our Solution

  • Maximize the use and legitimacy of data to comply with global and regional privacy laws
  • Minimize an organization’s data footprint to reduce risk and improve compliance
  • Improve accountability of information ownership
  • Minimize e-discovery, legal hold, and storage costs
  • Reduce data breach response and management costs

Our Offerings

  • Data Strategy – multidisciplinary approach that improves data management, analytics and overall data use
  • Information Lifecycle Management – managing data throughout its lifecycle and implementing performance improvement strategies, policies and technologies
  • Data Protection – reducing overall pitfalls to allow for better personal data protection and security
  • Data Compliance – aligning data practices with global and regional data privacy and data protection regulatory obligations

Global Privacy Resource Guide

View our interactive tool that provides real-time information on privacy laws worldwide to help you remain informed and identify potential compliance issues. 

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Data Protection Academy

We offer various interactive courses to better understand key privacy principles and tools with trainers with global experience. Additionally, we provide our clients with private, customizable training and eLearning and Learning Management System (LMS) content development and delivery, and complimentary webinars focused on hot topics. 

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