Multinational Company Utilizes Co-Sourcing to Bundle Tax Services and Save Money

Top 3 Areas of Impact

Consistent client experience across countries and service lines.

Created global budget while maintaining high quality.

Improved oversight of processes and engagement management.


A company was looking for a single firm that could provide global tax compliance and reporting services, coupled with tax advisory support for its expanding business. Through its suite of co-sourcing services, BDO was able to provide the necessary support while also mitigating risk and streamlining communications.


The company came to BDO after engaging multiple accounting firms to handle its global tax compliance needs. The company was looking for a single firm that could provide global services to reduce global tax compliance costs and support its current and future structure in a practical and holistic fashion.


BDO suggested establishing a U.S.-based centrally managed service team. The team was knowledgeable with the business, but when needed, could also deploy other resources/specialists in the U.S. or overseas to further support the company’s needs. We implemented consistent use of the BDO Global Portal and third-party tools across all BDO teams, worldwide and provided central engagement and billing support. After onboarding, BDO conducted recurring sync meetings during which the team met with the company to go over the status of the engagement and deliverables, address any issues/questions, set priorities, and discuss any upcoming legislative changes.


  • Gained awareness of new regulatory changes and implemented guidance leading to favorable results globally and in the U.S.
  • Benefitted from a holistic approach to the company’s master and local file compliance and application of methodologies, including the country-by-country report (which was a new filing requirement for the group).
  • Improved the company’s overall cash flow by centralizing and restructuring the service supply chain model, in tandem with our transfer pricing team.
  • Obtained timely advice regarding cash flow management planning in countries where the company could not change the service supply chain because of tax risks.
  • Received hands-on support with the global employer organization also set up to mitigate permanent establishment risks.

  • Received advice on optimal structuring with anticipated expansion into Brazil, India, and Israel.

  • Was introduced to, and connected with, the necessary BDO specialists to address local withholding certifications and requirements.

  • Established an on-demand overview of the BDO global spent, tracking recurring vs. non-recurring services.

  • Benefitted from highly competitive pricing on tax compliance and advisory work globally.

A global reach brings opportunities as well as challenges. We assist multinational organizations by leveraging our knowledge of global tax systems — helping to build strategic teams, assist with tax planning, and align strategy with business goals. Most critically, we act as advisors. We are there to identify, interpret, and provide insight on regulations and trends that could dramatically affect your business.

Principal, Global Tax Outsourcing