BDO USA Evolves Flexible Workplace Culture, Announces Reimagined Approach

Over the past year, the pandemic fundamentally changed how the world works. This shift reaffirmed BDO’s commitment to fostering a flexible work environment and revealed new value and insights that enabled further evolution of the firm’s flexible workplace strategy, allowing BDO to better meet the needs of its people and clients. Effective May 24, the firm is adopting an approach that affords BDO professionals the opportunity to reimagine how day-to-day work is accomplished.
Teams will be empowered to work together – in coordination with their leaders and clients – to plan where and how they work based on deliverables and responsibilities. In this flexible environment, the amount of time spent working at a BDO office, a client site or in a remote location will vary from week to week, team to team and engagement to engagement.
“Our people demonstrated tremendous agility during the pandemic. They consistently delivered a work product that exceeded the expectations of our leaders and clients,” said Wayne Berson, CEO of BDO USA. “While flexibility has always been a hallmark of BDO’s culture, we realized there were additional opportunities in how we adapted the way we work that would benefit our people, our clients and the firm.”
After surveying its people, BDO is embracing a strategy that will support a better work+life fit for its professionals. Empowering its people to work the way they work best fosters a culture that encourages exceptional performance, allows for agile and resilient business practices and teams, and ensures that BDO is the preeminent choice for top talent, while at the same time creating intentional opportunities to cultivate community and meaningful relationships with colleagues, and balance work outside the office.
“In our people-first culture, flexibility is a business strategy,” said Cathy Moy, Chief People Officer at BDO USA. “As our people continue to return to in-person work, we are taking the lessons we’ve learned over the past year and incorporating them into our strategic direction for the firm. This model will allow more discretion in managing personal and professional obligations and aspirations while still ensuring productivity, agility and connectivity.”
BDO remains steadfastly committed to advancing the firm’s core purpose of helping people thrive every day, and will continue working with and listening to its professionals, leadership teams, and clients to analyze and refine the firm’s approach to work and the workplace.
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