The Human Side of COVID-19's Impact on Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are powered by the passion and dedication of their staff. But as the COVID-19 pandemic leads to funding interruptions, increased demand for services and safety concerns, many organizations are being forced to make tough staffing and compensation decisions.

To get more insight, BDO’s Compensation Surveys practice conducted a specialized pulse survey around the human side of the crisis.

Here’s what we found:

Graphic of Increased Demand + Reduced Revenues = Staffing Disruptions

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Nonprofits’ COVID-19 Compensation Changes

"The pressure of the economic crisis is weighing heavily on nonprofits and their plans to financially support their employees."


Compensation Programs Need a Revamp

"For most organizations, the economic downturn will necessitate changes to their compensation programs."

Graphic of fundamental considerations

For additional findings and to learn more about out how your organization can adjust staffing and compensation strategies during this time, listen to our recent webinar.