Pediatric Home Healthcare Implements Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Power BI

Pediatric Home Healthcare (PHH) is a family-owned, Pediatric Skilled Private Duty Nursing Agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They have been providing 24/7 services to families of medically fragile children since they opened their first office in 2010. Since then, PHH has continued to scale and opened 12 offices across Texas. PHH offers two business service lines: private duty nursing, and therapy services in three disciplines including, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. 

With this growth, PHH wanted a solution to help streamline their financial processes and needed the tools and technology to scale with them. To help accelerate their businesses processes, PHH engaged with BDO Digital to help implement a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and Power BI for data analytics insights.

Additional Information on PHH

Learn more about PHH’s Private Duty Nursing and Therapy Services.

Challenges and Needs

Financial Reporting

The first challenge that PHH was facing involved their older accounting system. Many of their financial reports were reproduced in Excel, which was prone to error and took up a significant amount of time. The old system provided limited integration and consolidation opportunities, had user and storage limits, a lack of visibility, and many manual processes. PHH needed a new system that was ready to scale with them, including appropriate audit controls and reporting expansion with accuracy. Simply put, PHH wanted a system that provided timely and more accurate financial and operational information that could help Senior Management make better informed decisions. 

PHH needed a strategic advisor with the breadth of knowledge to buildout a first-class system. They were also seeking a trusted advisor who not only understood the new system but also the healthcare industry reporting and privacy standards. Their first two attempts to find a strategic advisor were not very successful.


Insights into Data

As the healthcare industry begins to shift into value-based care, health teams must have collaboration and operational insights to help increase value. A big challenge PHH was facing was aggregated reporting across multiple data sources and they needed a way to turn their data into actionable insights. PHH also needed a way to pull together data from both Business Central and a third-party system that they use for their payor insurance billing. Bringing in the data from multiple systems manually would be time-consuming and would leave room for more error.



The right healthcare ERP system can function as a technological foundation that engages different teams across the organization. BDO Digital leveraged its extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability), Accounting, Reporting, and overall best practices to help PHH implement the new Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system. As part of the implementation, BDO Digital performed a system analysis, including recommendations and best practices on how best to leverage Business Central to help meet PHH’s needs, implemented those recommendations, and provided training and documentation on heavily used processes. During the analysis, PHH was also interested in AP (Administrative Practice) automation, and BDO Digital was able to work with a third-party solution to help automate their Accounts Payable. 

PHH also knew that if they wanted to accelerate patient care that aligned with their organizational growth, they needed a way to make more informed decisions around their staff and care. BDO Digital’s Data Analytics team implemented a Power BI solution to help PHH identify staffing requirements based on home visits, recognize trends in missed or canceled visits, and identify inefficiencies in coordinating and executing activities. This will help PHH to make data-driven decisions and easily track the metrics that matter the most to reduce costs and provide improved patient care. 


Key Benefits and Results

PHH has moved away from primarily relying on manual systems and is now productively running reports and performing various other data analyses in their new systems. BDO Digital also provided custom-tailored training that included businesses and accounting scenarios specific to PHH to help ensure the team is proficient in the new system.

Advantages of Business Central System:

  • Real-time and actionable data in an easy-to-understand format
  • Time gained back by the team for other high priority initiatives
  • Enhanced visibility into their finances, which helps increase management’s ability to make better decisions
  • Greater Audit and Accounting controls that are in line with US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) rules
  • Designed to help improve cost of ownership and direct integration to other Microsoft applications
  • Less time spent entering and paying out vendor bills from AP automation integration


Advantages of Power BI Solution:

  • Greater visibility into staff and patient trends
  • Supports decision making
  • Conveys clinic insights and shows key care experiences
  • Syncs with data from PHH’s external Billing system


Positioning for Growth

With the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system and the Power BI analytics, PHH is now more confident that their technology can support their organizational growth and accelerate their digital capabilities.  In 2022, PHH is looking to grow and expand outside of Texas, and now they are enabled to seamlessly set up the new entities in Business Central within a few hours.

BDO Digital has been an excellent advisor in so many ways. We could not be in a position of growth without their knowledge leading the way

Pediatric Home Healthcare CFO