Healthcare System Enables Data Analytics Adoption with Implementation of Leading-Edge Reporting and Analytics Academy Solution

A nonprofit healthcare organization located in Indiana wanted to build a self-service data platform to enable their operational reporting across all service lines and units. The organization has 30,000 employees, 3,000 analytics users and 55 data sources including Cerner Electronic Health Records (EHM) data.

The organization had previously invested heavily in the design and development of new data analytics solutions in Microsoft Azure and Power BI to enable new capabilities across the enterprise, but the organization had challenges with overall data transparency and literacy. As they implemented newer technology, they had difficulties with creating standard procedures, accessing data, enabling insights and sharing best practices. The organization decided to engage BDO Digital to help them establish new procedures.

Our Solution

The BDO Digital team created a few different solutions for the organization, including:

  • Designing and building a Self-Service Platform for all users to access a structured framework of best practices for BI technology, training, and report development
  • Designing and developing a Self-Paced Reporting & Analytics Academy for over 4,500 users with distinct learning paths and based on the employee personas:
    • Six modules for IT (Information Technology) Developers (example modules: Power BI for Developers, Data Modeling, Advanced Data Visualization Best Practices, SQL)
    • Six modules for Super Users (example modules: Power BI for Power Users, Data Visualization Best Practices, Data Source Overview)
    • Five modules for Report Consumers (example modules: Power BI for Consumers, Basic Data Sources, Company-specific Governance and Procedures)
    • Integration into Learning Management System
    • Development of Power BI Champion Group
  • Designing and developing a marketing program for the self-service platform and academy to build awareness and drive a desire to take advantage of the resources



BDO Digital helped the organization stand-up the self-service platform and build out the available service offerings. The platform is still highly active with over 4,500 unique views and continues to add updated content.

The first phase of the Academy was developed and made available through the organization’s learning management system, making it easy for all employees to find and take the training courses.

Next Steps

Together, the healthcare organization and BDO Digital continue to foster a culture of learning and a platform to help enable the entire organization. In the future, BDO Digital will continue helping the organization with:

The development of another learning path based on the organization personas

Continual updates to the self-service platform, helping ensure the platform provides the resources that can help meet the users’ needs.