Executives Strive to Optimize Operations

As COVID-19 continues to impact the way we work, many organizations are looking for ways to ensure their teams stay connected, collaborative and productive.

During a recent webinar, “Features of an Optimized Team,” we surveyed participating executives on how COVID-19 has impacted employee engagement and career development, how they are focusing on factors that affect workplace culture and their upcoming plans around diversity and inclusion.

Key Takeaways

" "   The impact of the pandemic on employee engagement has been mixed. Just under half of business leaders have seen a drop-off in engagement.
" "   An ongoing focus on coaching and development remains important to workplace culture, especially as employees face uncharted waters.
" "   Amid COVID, business leaders see adaptability to change as the most critical skill for their employees, with communication skills and ability to work independently not far behind.
" "   Many executives believe they need to revamp their diversity and inclusion efforts, with some already implementing changes.


Differing Employee Engagement

Nearly half of executives saw less engaged employees amid the pandemic, while the other half saw no change or even a rise in engagement.

What changes have you seen in team engagement since the onset of the pandemic?

Chart of Employee Engagement

Coaching and Development Remain Essential

With stress levels heightened and employees dealing with new struggles, executives see coaching and professional development as more important than ever to maintain a healthy and collaborative workplace.

How important is coaching and development to your workplace culture?

Chart of Importance of Coaching and Development

Diversity and Inclusion Gets Elevated

In the wake of increased social activism, the majority of businesses are revamping their diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

Are you currently considering adjusting your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy?

Chart of organizations considering adjusting their Diversity and Inclusion strategy

Adaptable Employees Drive Success

In a constantly shifting environment, it comes as no surprise that adaptability to change and ability to work independently are must-have skills for employees.

In light of COVID-19, what is the most important skill for employees?

Chart of most important employee skills in light of COVID-19