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Powering the world requires stability that keeps energy flowing.

But demand-side and supply-side exposure, geopolitical risks, evolving regulations and shifting investor demands subject energy markets to significant volatility. 

At the same time, climate change and sustainability priorities are in the spotlight. As those expectations evolve, natural resources, energy and utility organizations seek opportunities to operate more efficiently, sustain revenue growth and meet evolving stakeholder expectations with environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives in mind.  

At BDO, we help organizations navigating this dynamic environment uncover possibilities for the future and put them into action. Our team tailors its approach to each client and uses its deep experience to enable organizations to: 

  • Reimagine business models 
  • Identify new opportunities 
  • Diversify energy portfolios 
  • Reduce climate impact 
  • Redefine energy markets 

BDO’s broad portfolio of accounting, assurance, tax and advisory services enables organizations to operate more efficiently and accelerate growth. With a presence in energy centers worldwide, we deliver diverse strategic approaches suited to different operating contexts and environments. We know the world is changing and energy markets are dynamic. That’s why our team is dedicated to working with energy organizations of all sizes and sectors to help them build both short- and long-term value. 

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BDO has excellent experience in the power generation industry and has always provided service and expertise that benefits our engagements. The power projects they have worked on include a variety of production technologies, facility sizes, and geographic locations. 

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We appreciate their deep knowledge of the energy sector and qualitative analyses which gives us comfort that we are doing things right. BDO has always reported on time, which is critical for our businesses under project finance obligations.

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