Accounting for Leases: Other Topics

Accounting for Leases: Other Topics

Previously in our Accounting for Leases Under ASC 842 series, we discussed accounting for leases by both lessees and lessors. However, there is specific guidance for other transactions, and the leases guidance may impact amounts recognized under other topics such as income taxes.

In this article, we discuss other transactions and topics that are affected by the requirements under ASC 842.


What’s inside:

  • What’s in the scope of the sale and a leaseback guidance and, if in scope, how to determine whether there is a sale and a leaseback.

  • How accounting for leases acquired in a business combination, or an acquisition by a not-for-profit entity, differs from that of a new lease, and depending on whether the acquiree is a lessee or lessor.

  • What to consider in the accounting for subleases.

  • How ASC 842 impacts the accounting for income taxes.