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    BDO provides interns and first year associates with a variety of programs to help them
    advance their careers.

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Today, tomorrow, and throughout your career.

It takes exceptional people to deliver exceptional client service. At the same time, BDO recognizes that “exceptional” isn’t a quality one develops overnight – it takes the right combination of guidance, training, and opportunity.

As an intern or entry level professional, you have a lot to learn. And through a variety of training, mentorship, and support programs, BDO will help you every step of the way.

CPA Exam support
Passing the CPA exam is challenging – especially when you have to balance hours of studying and preparation with a full workload. Luckily, BDO gives you the flexibility to structure your schedule so that you can manage work and study in a way that makes sense for you and the firm. And as an extra incentive, BDO offers a bonus to employees who pass the test within a specified timeframe. Visit BDO's career website, mycareer.bdo.com for CPA exam study tips.

Mentors you can count on
BDO’s built-in mentorship program ensures that all of our interns receive regular, one-on-one guidance from more experienced professionals. As an intern, you’ll be matched with an associate or a senior associate to help you begin your internship and become acclimated to life in the office.  

Additionally, every first year associate is assigned a Career Advisor, who will provide you with wisdom and guidance as you navigate these first stages of your career. You’ll meet with your Career Advisor no less than once a year for annual performance reviews, and as often as you like. Your advisor is there to check in on the progress you’ve made toward your career goals and to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. Visit BDO's career website, mycareer.bdo.com to read interviews with BDO mentors and learn more about our mentorship program.