• To Err is Human

To Err is Human

It may surprise you to know that professionals make mistakes. It may also surprise you that in the working world, mistakes happen often and are often okay – usually the worst it gets is a blushing face. Errors in the accounting and advisory world are embarrassingly human: laptops get left places they shouldn’t, names are mixed up, meetings are forgotten entirely, the works. Here are some BDO professionals sharing their mistakes, which at the time felt horrible but now can be looked back on with a smile.

InBDO-Icons_5.jpgBeware of Staples

We were in training class – this is third week or so – and I closed my brand new laptop on some papers. Unfortunately, there was a staple in the papers and, apparently, staples have much more power than I ever gave them credit for. That little staple DESTROYED my laptop display. They had literally just given me this laptop. I use paperclips now. 
Kathrine Ogawa, Experienced Senior Associate

InBDO-Icons_.jpgSleep really does wonders

I was working a late night trying to finish a client’s return. My manager asked if I could reconcile these two values that weren’t tying. Sure, no problem. It got later and later. After spending ten full minutes reading the same number over and over, my manager noticed, came by, and told me to get some rest. That was definitely the right the call. I woke up the next morning and found the mistake in 20 minutes. 
Zane Muddiman, Experienced Tax Associate

InBDO-Icons_4.jpgThe curious case of mistaken Karens

One of our clients and our Office Admin are both named Karen. You see where this is going. BDO was giving out gift cards during busy season for all our hard work, so we had to pick which card we’d want and tell Karen (The Office Admin). I sent a lengthy email detailing how much an Amazon gift card would mean to me – and (surprise!!!) sent it to Karen (The Client) who responded, “Think you emailed the wrong person, but congrats on the gift card!” Thanks, Karen.
Taylor Ritchie, Experienced Assurance Associate

InBDO-Icons_2.jpgOkay, seriously try not to do this one… 

Our office holds regular meetings with Partners and staff where we talk about how things are going. For my first meeting, I made this really awesome career move where I completely forgot about it and went straight to the client site. It was quiet there. Too quiet. Finally, I got a call and rushed back to the office. The partner said it was no big deal, but I was embarrassed and won’t make that mistake again.  
Samuel Gilman, Experienced Assurance Associate


InBDO-Icons_3.jpgThe trouble with lunchtime emails

I was emailing a client and my thoughts…began to drift to lunch. As my cursor was hovering over the send button, I quickly skimmed the email. That’s when I noticed I was about to request a vegetarian burrito with avocado and chipotle mayo from the client. I reread my emails very carefully now. 
Katherine Marlow, Experienced Audit Associate