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This Audit Committee Self-Assessment document may be used by those charged with governance (in particular, audit committees) in performing an annual self-assessment. The following topics and issues to consider have been developed in conjunction with the BDO Effective Audit Committees for Nonprofit Organizations publication, review of other widely available self-assessment tools and our knowledge and experience in working with audit committees and other nonprofit organization committees charged with governance.

As there is always room for improving quality and performance, we recommend that this document be used in conjunction with your organization’s Audit Committee Charter (or similar document) to ensure that governance responsibilities are adequately aligned with the charter and are being fulfilled appropriately. You may choose to customize this self-assessment further to reflect specific attributes of your organization and develop specific action steps and estimated completion dates to enhance your committee’s performance.
Note: Audit Committees may find it useful to first take the self-assessment individually and have the chairman or designee consolidate the results for discussion purposes.

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