How Does Your Restaurant Compare? Q1-15 Benchmarking Update

In our latest benchmarking update, we compiled the operating results of publicly traded restaurant companies in the first quarter of 2015. What did we find?
Driven by more conducive weather conditions and an improving overall economic indicators such as markedly low unemployment levels, same-store sales increased across all segments in Q1, according to our analysis. The pizza and fast casual segments led the charge, having experienced the most significant growth, which comes as little surprise considering the increased focus on customization and convenience in the pizza segment and the quality of IPOs in the fast casual segment.
The pizza segment was also an exception when it came to the cost of sales, as pizza restaurants analyzed saw a dip in their cost of sales thanks to lower cheese and wheat prices. Overall, however, cost of sales in the first quarter largely remained consistent across industries despite commodity price fluctuations.  
If you're wondering how to benchmark a private company against the report, we've found that, on average, when compared to public companies, medium-sized private companies indicated their prime costs were one to two percent higher. However, high-quartile - or best performing - private company participants had prime costs three percent lower than the average public company. 

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