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What Healthcare Organizations Should Know About Petya-like Cyberattack

The global cyberattack potentially modeled after Petya did not inflict as much damage to the healthcare sector as WannaCry, but healthcare organizations should still be mindful. Here’s what they need to know. read more

Hospitals: How to Tackle Your Stranded Assets Under Value-based Care

Healthcare’s transition to a value-based reimbursement system has left the hospital sector with a vast physical infrastructure of strategic assets that can now be consider uneconomic—or stranded. We unpack how hospitals can tackle this... read more

WannaCry Aftermath: What to Know About Insurance for Ransomware Attacks

The May 12 WannaCry ransomware attack, potentially the largest the world has seen, hit healthcare the hardest. Beyond defense, it’s also important to consider mitigation measures in the event your organization does fall victim to a... read more

WannaCry: How Healthcare Organizations Can Protect Against it & Other Ransomware Strains

The May 12 WannaCry ransomware attack took down 47 of the U.K.’s 248 National Health System (NHS) trusts. As of May 15, seven were still recovering. The attack, potentially the largest the world has seen, hit healthcare—an industry... read more

5 Forces Disrupting Healthcare with or Without Washington

Move aside, Washington. These five revolutionary forces are disrupting healthcare regardless of what happens to the Affordable Care Act. read more

By John Riggi | April 11, 2017

FBI Warns Healthcare Facilities about Cyber-Vulnerable FTP Servers

The FBI recently warned medical and dental facilities about the vulnerability of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers to cyberattack, suggesting they've recorded an increase in threat activity. Per the FBI's guidance, cybercriminals are... read more

Why Hospitals Should Look for Ways to Transform Their Business Models

Political uncertainty aside, it's a tough environment for hospitals. Patrick Pilch recently spoke to HFM Magazine about what hospitals should expect in the near-term - and what trends they should keep an eye on - to remain financially... read more

What Implications Could FASB's ASC 606 Have for Healthcare?

The new revenue recognition accounting standard, ASC Topic 606 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, takes effect for public entities in 2018, with all other companies following suit in 2019. Its goal is to scrap industry-specific... read more

Read the BDO Knows Healthcare Winter 2017 Newsletter

As the healthcare industry races to adjust to value-based payment models and evolve business strategies to keep pace, what emerging compliance and fraud risks do providers need to keep in mind? read more

Part 2: BDO's Approach to Information Governance

In March 2016, we blogged about The Business Case for Information Governance in Healthcare. Prior to that, we developed a standard Information Governance framework to provide guidance to organizations around governance, data quality... read more