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3 Considerations for Healthcare Organizations Under Value-based Care

In healthcare, there are (even) more question marks than answers. Although uncertainty remains around the further reform of healthcare as we head into 2017 and a new political administration takes the helm, we believe the transition... read more

Risks Loom As Hospitals Morph Their Business Models

The accelerating trend of healthcare consolidation begs the question whether hospitals are properly positioning themselves to take on these new business models, and three unique headwinds underscore the need to do so quickly. read more

Getting a Clean Bill Out the Door

Alternative reimbursement methods like bundled payments have increased the complexity of getting a clean healthcare bill out the door. At the same time, margins are under pressure and the Department of Justice is ramping up its efforts... read more

Supreme Court Ruling on the False Claims Act: Providing Whistleblowers a Wider Net?

When it comes to quality-based reimbursements, healthcare organizations face greater compliance risk, and the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the “implied false certification” theory of liability under the False Claims Act (FCA... read more

BDO Special Report: The Impact of Bundled Payments on PE Deal Activity in Healthcare

The healthcare market’s shift to value-based reimbursements has led to aggressive moves by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to roll out new initiatives and alternative payment models in support of its goal of tying 90... read more

BDO Knows Healthcare Spring 2016 Newsletter

In the Spring 2016 edition of the BDO Knows Healthcare newsletter, we focus on the impact of changing reimbursements across the healthcare spectrum: on investors, providers and pharmaceutical companies. read more

Bundled Payments: Expanding Risk for Potential Reward

Hospitals have historically been paid to control and remain accountable for what happens in their closed, controlled environments. CMS’ mandatory Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement model (CJR) changes the rules, pressing... read more

By Venson Wallin | February 05, 2016

How Are Changing Reimbursement Models Impacting Risk? 7 Questions to Address This Quarter

Healthcare providers are starting to feel the impact of the accelerating pace of reimbursement changes. Delivery models are transforming, ushering in new opportunities and risks that organizations must manage.  read more

By Patrick Pilch | January 14, 2016

How will the Healthcare Market Evolve in the Year Ahead?

In a recent conversation with Healthcare Dive, our own Patrick Pilch shared insights about how several key regulatory changes and market developments will impact payers and providers in 2016. read more

By Patrick Pilch | October 28, 2015

Rising Health Plan Costs: Out with the Old Approach, In with the New

One of the major sticking points around the “Cadillac” excise tax, set to go into effect 2018, is that most companies challenged with the rising costs of healthcare plans are not taking into account the implications of the... read more