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Elder Care Independence: Where Provider & Investor Outlooks Align

If you want to understand the future of elder care, follow the money. Our latest blog analyzes recent CBRE survey and deal-making data to understand where investors are placing their bets. read more

Vlog: Why Data is Healthcare’s Most Valuable Resource

What ‘secret sauce’ is driving disruptive mergers in healthcare? For starters: data. Our latest blog explains why—and features BDO’s Dr. David Friend offering his take on one of the most recent data-driven deals with CNBC. read more

BDO’s Healthcare Rx Newsletter: Future of Healthcare Lies in the Data

In our revamped newsletter, BDO’s Healthcare Rx, we look at how three foundational shifts and five revolutionary forces are changing healthcare. Where do opportunities lie? One clue—start with Medicare Advantage. read more

Infographic: Quality Deals Ahead for Healthcare PE

Healthcare-focused private equity fund managers surveyed in BDO’s Ninth Annual Private Equity PErspective Survey are positive they will find quality deals this year. Read our infographic to find out more. read more

BDO’s 2018 Life Sciences Outlook

BDO’s Life Sciences practice makes four predictions for the industry in 2018, including that mainstream milestone-based reimbursements and a biotech M&A recovery are coming. read more

Healthcare is Ripe for Investment—and Risk: Fall BDO Knows Healthcare Newsletter

Our Fall 2017 BDO Knows Healthcare Newsletter takes the healthcare industry’s pulse with features on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new Software PreCert Pilot Program, what providers and investors need to know when it comes to... read more

Thinking of Selling Your Behavioral Health Center? Consider These Variables First…

The behavioral healthcare market continues to be one ripe for consolidation and growth as investors increasingly realize the opportunities in a market dominated by niche health programs. read more

By David Friend | May 12, 2016

Not Your Father’s Healthcare Acquisition Strategy

In today’s brave new world of healthcare investment, merging with another company is not only smart, but perhaps necessary for survival. read more

By Steven Shill | April 12, 2016

Lost in Translation: The Challenges of Integrating Medicaid Managed Care into Commercial Insurer Portfolios

For commercial insurers adding governmental payer managed care plans to their portfolios, ‘lost in translation’ moments can be costly. read more

BDO Perspective Private Equity Study Shows Healthcare Likely to See Rising Valuations

Private equity fund managers are being prudent about deploying their large casks of dry powder in 2016. However, two industry segments continue to thrive amid the economic flux hanging over from 2015: healthcare and biotechnology; 63... read more