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How Hospital CFOs Can Work More Effectively with Their Boards of Directors

Good governance begins with trust, transparency, cultivating key relationships, and good financial education opportunities for all board members. read more

The Business Case for Information Governance in Healthcare

Healthcare depends upon reliable and accurate information. Not only are privacy and compliance issues at stake, but inaccessible or corrupted data can also jeopardize patient safety. Establishing an Information Governance (IG) program is... read more

Preparing For and Responding To Hospital Ransomware Attacks

Last month, a U.S. hospital’s IT system was held hostage by a ransomware attack that demanded payment to unlock access to the network. The system was down for two weeks, forcing administrators to redirect patients to other... read more

By Patrick Pilch | November 03, 2015

Infographic: Healthcare Leaders Take on DSRIP Workforce Strategy

Many U.S. healthcare providers are preparing for an organizational overhaul, including implementation of Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) programs. read more

Developing a Long-term Care Transformation Plan

With the Supreme Court’s ruling on King v. Burwell behind us, many of the doubts that have held back new healthcare developments have been absolved. An accelerated rate of change is expected across the board in healthcare... read more

Employee Stock Ownership Plans: A New Source of Capital?

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) have proven themselves to be a successful company ownership structure for a wide variety of businesses. In an ESOP, owners sell to a benefit plan (the ESOP), and employees receive ownership in their... read more

Infographic: Are You RAC Audit Ready?

Healthcare providers’ data is under increased scrutiny by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and recovery audit contractors (RACs). How can your organization mitigate audit risk? read more

By Patrick Pilch | July 16, 2015

DSRIP in New York: Driving Toward a Value-Based Healthcare Workforce Strategy

The experience of “going to the doctor” will change radically over the next months and years as patients adapt to kiosks and telemedicine and providers adapt to value-based reimbursements. read more

Why Nonprofits Need to Measure & Monitor Program Impact & Outcomes

More nonprofits are waking up. From stringent regulations and government scrutiny around tax-exempt status and grant compliance, to increasingly intense competition for funds, organizations of all shapes and sizes are realizing the need... read more