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Maximizing Data Integrity to Mitigate Government Pricing Risk

In an era of pricing transparency and increasing calls for even greater government pricing regulation, government pricing risk is heightened for drug manufacturers. Ensuring data integrity is key. Discover ways to monitor and review... read more

By Patrick Pilch | April 03, 2018

The Importance of Healthcare Digitization in Disaster Scenarios

In the first episode of BDO’s Healthcare Rx Podcast, Patrick Pilch chats with Karen DeSalvo about how technology can help leverage data to improve health, especially in disaster situations. read more

Healthcare is Ripe for Investment—and Risk: Fall BDO Knows Healthcare Newsletter

Our Fall 2017 BDO Knows Healthcare Newsletter takes the healthcare industry’s pulse with features on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new Software PreCert Pilot Program, what providers and investors need to know when it comes to... read more

BDO’s New Nonprofit Survey: Spotlight on Healthcare Finances & Funding

BDO’s first nonprofit survey, Nonprofit Standards, which polled nonprofits nationwide on strategic planning, operations and board governance, includes new data specific to health and human services (HHS) organizations that speaks to the... read more

WannaCry Aftermath: What to Know About Insurance for Ransomware Attacks

The May 12 WannaCry ransomware attack, potentially the largest the world has seen, hit healthcare the hardest. Beyond defense, it’s also important to consider mitigation measures in the event your organization does fall victim to a... read more

WannaCry: How Healthcare Organizations Can Protect Against it & Other Ransomware Strains

The May 12 WannaCry ransomware attack took down 47 of the U.K.’s 248 National Health System (NHS) trusts. As of May 15, seven were still recovering. The attack, potentially the largest the world has seen, hit healthcare—an industry... read more

Part 2: BDO's Approach to Information Governance

In March 2016, we blogged about The Business Case for Information Governance in Healthcare. Prior to that, we developed a standard Information Governance framework to provide guidance to organizations around governance, data quality... read more

By Venson Wallin | October 25, 2016

Tuomey Settlement Marks New Day for Individual Accountability in Healthcare

We knew this day was coming. The Yates Memo told us so. But for healthcare, the recent $1 million settlement between the former CEO of Tuomey Healthcare and the Justice Department turned individual accountability from a theory into a... read more

Healthcare Boards in Conflict

The high incidence of hospital board members with discoverable business conflicts suggests prospective trustees aren’t being thoroughly vetted to pro-actively guard against such conflicts. read more

U.S. Government Introduces Healthcare Cybersecurity Resource Website

In 2015, healthcare was the most frequently attacked industry – surpassing financial services and resulting in more than 100 million compromised health records, according to the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index. read more