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By Jennifer Valdivia | September 14, 2017

The Risky Business of E-Commerce

The e-commerce model, promising as it may be, carries enormous risk for retailers and consumers alike. Because retailers are entrusted with consumers’ financial and personal information, businesses are concerned with the potential... read more

By Jennifer Valdivia | August 31, 2017

Retail Rethinks Real Estate

News of store closures and the mass move online has already created big changes for traditional retailers. As the industry’s evolution continues to make headlines, retail real estate is seeing something of a revolution. The battle cry... read more

Retailers Navigate Risk Overseas Amid Geopolitical Change

Vying for global market share, U.S. retailers stay abreast of the most critical international risks. Learn which international issues are top of mind for todays’ retailers in our 2017 Retail RiskFactor Report. read more

By Jennifer Valdivia | July 07, 2017

How Retailers Contend with Today’s Prominent Challenges: BDO’s 2017 Retail RiskFactor Report

Alarmist headlines suggest the death of retail, but do retailers themselves share this perception? We analyzed the 10-K filings of the 100 largest U.S. retailers for our 2017 Retail RiskFactor Report, which found that retailers recognize... read more

Results from Reader Survey: What risks do you think retailers are most concerned about?

Earlier this month we asked our readers and @BDOConsumer Twitter followers to weigh in on what risks they think are keeping retailers up at night ahead of the release of the 2016 Retail RiskFactor Report. So, whats the verdict from the... read more

Read the Full Report: 2016 BDO Retail RiskFactor Report

Our tenth annual Retail RiskFactor Report examined the risk factors listed in the most recent 10-K filings of the 100 largest U.S. retailers. For the first time in the reports 10-year history, risks associated with data privacy and... read more

BDO Retail RiskFactor Report Reveals Leading Risks for Retailers In 2015

What risks have the 100 largest U.S. retailers concerned? According to our ninth annual Retail RiskFactor Report, which analyzes the 10-K filings of the 100 largest U.S. retailers, strategic growth is a leading concern despite upbeat... read more

By Doug Hart | June 04, 2015

Retailers Economic & Security Concerns Evolve

As we highlighted last week in our infographic, retailers chief concerns related to the economy are changing. read more

Infographic: 2015 Retail RiskFactor Report

As retailers pause and consider top risks that could impact 2015 operations and sales, whats weighing on their minds? This years 2015 Retail RiskFactor Report found that retailers modestly optimistic performance outlooks also bring... read more

By Doug Hart | May 19, 2015

Retailers Top Risks Signal Questions around Avenues for Growth

As many retailers report earnings this week, analysts will be looking for guidance around whats behind the slower-than-expected start to the year in retail sales. Despite lower gas prices, stronger consumer confidence and a host of... read more