• Janitorial Audit
    and Advisory

Cleaning up your janitorial charges.

Supplemental cleaning charges consist of additional cleaning services beyond standard building services. Depending on tenant needs, these charges can range from thousands to millions of dollars.

BDO’s highly experienced professionals have negotiated reductions to supplemental cleaning charges by as much as 50 percent.

Potential areas for savings through a janitorial audit include:
  • Workloading: Workloading is a systematic approach to determine the total hours required to clean a facility. By accurately determining how much a worker can accomplish in a specified time period, BDO is often able to find numerous opportunities to both increase efficiency and lower costs.
  • Labor and Related Costs: After establishing the time required for each task, it is necessary to determine the unit price for labor and related costs.
    • Once the length of time needed and hourly rates have been calculated, the result is compared to the amount quoted by the cleaning contractor for each service provided to determine the potential savings.
  • Lease Specifications: It is not uncommon for a cleaning contractor to sell a tenant a service which the contractor is already required to provide pursuant to the base building cleaning specifications of the tenant’s lease.
  • Frequency of Services: It is sometimes difficult for a tenant to gauge how often a particular service may be necessary for the different types of surfaces (e.g. stone, carpet, composite tile, etc.). Frequency of service is affected by the type of cleaning required, traffic, and the level of cleanliness desired to suit each tenants’ needs.