5 Major Expectations of the Modern Workforce

By Michael Lee| February 05, 2018

Technology innovations and enablement are booming. This shouldn’t be news to anyone. However, you might be surprised to learn that despite this drastic increase in technology, productivity has only increased by 1-2%. We have numerous platforms to communicate, but collaboration has stalled with most collaborative teamwork coming from less than 5% of employees. The potential of technology is limitless, but the results are scarce. So, what can you do?

First, let’s take a survey of the landscape. Our modern workforce is now nearly completely digital. It has seen transformation and disruption unlike any other time in history, and there’s no slowing down – only speeding up.

Demands of the Modern Workforce

demands of modern workforce

Today’s modern workforce demands many things, especially from IT. These expectations can be grouped into five major categories:

  • Dynamic Workplace – The digital workforce demands the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. The workplace is no longer limited to the four walls of an office – and workforce tools need to evolve to enable this. Modern companies need to work towards a culture of teamwork and collaboration across all locations.
  • Device Explosion – Gone are the days of one device per person. The average digital consumer has between three and four connected devices, many with access to corporate data. This number will only rise – along with your data security concerns.
  • Generational Workforce – Millennials, those born with "Ethernet cables as umbilical cords," are now the largest generation in the workforce. They have even more demands around working remotely and BYOD; they are working side-by-side with GenXers and Baby Boomers, each with their own expectations and ideals. Finding a way that enables multiple generations in ways that work for them is a challenge.
  • Analytics Everywhere – Data is now everywhere and in everything. With this data explosion, organizations are trying to find ways to leverage their data to their benefit. The unfortunate reality is that most businesses don’t know how to do this yet. This is a challenge as people now expect the information they need to be only one click away.
  • Compliance & Controls – The number of cyberattacks is increasing, and the explosion of data and devices is only providing hackers with ample space to play. Customer and employee information must be kept safe. This requires organizations to change their way of thinking about information security.

modern workforce requirements

Each of these expectations presents unique challenges and opportunities. In our Workforce Transformation blog series, we’ll discuss strategies and tools companies can use to rethink productivity and cater to these modern expectations that require organizations to undergo workforce transformations.