Cybersecurity 2020: Myths vs. Reality

February 10, 2020
In our digitally-driven society, cybersecurity is an essential element in ensuring both data integrity and privacy. Nearly every organization is going through some form of digital transformation to enhance data access, increase the speed to market, and reduce operational expenses. Unfortunately, we also live in a time of extensive fake technology, rampant cyber fraud, increased sophistication of cyber-attacks, and costly cyber data breaches. Many organizations are struggling to separate the facts from the fiction
(mis-information, hype, and fake news) in understanding the value of the growing number of cybersecurity software, hardware, insurance policies, and related professional services working to mitigate cyber fraud, cyber lawsuits, and data breach damages.
To dispel some of the common myths surrounding cybersecurity, we look to research, extensive field experience, and common sense.  Check out our latest insight, which highlights the Top 10 cybersecurity myths, your organization should be mindful of.

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