Digital Transformation: Begin with Cybersecurity in Mind

June 01, 2020
All too often companies move to digitally transform data without a strategic or proactive approach to cybersecurity and data privacy. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic, sudden, and unexpected increase in people working, learning, teaching, and consulting from home. This largely unplanned transition from office-based and school-based network access to remote/home access has created some unique capacity, operational, and cybersecurity challenges. Many organizations who conduct digital transformations have realized gains in digital productivity, via increased speed and access to data, more rapid data analysis, and related data storage cost savings, especially when cloud-based data storage is included. However, increasingly these same organizations have encountered costly cyber-attacks in the form of socially-engineered spear-phishing attacks, business email compromise (BEC) or spoofing attacks, and/or ransomware attacks, because they did not adequately or proactively begin their digital transformation with cybersecurity in mind.

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