Ask BDO Digital: What Does ExactTarget Offer for Marketers?

By BDO Digital | October 24, 2013
In this episode of ‘Ask BDO Digital,’ we discuss Connections 2013, ExactTarget’s recent digital marketing conference in Indianapolis, IN. Watch our video to learn more about this exciting event, BDO Digital's partnership with ExactTarget and what it has to offer digital marketers.

ExactTarget is a cloud based, on-demand email marketing and digital communication platform BDO Digital has helped customers integrate into their Salesforce CRM systems. The recent ExactTarget user’s event, Connections 2013 was a very impressive week full of education and inspiration focused on energizing marketers and industry experts to “lead from within.” Now that I am back from the conference, I’m still excited and enthusiastic about the product and it’s been a while since I’ve been to a conference and felt like that. You can just feel when you are with a company and they are at a special place, right now ExactTarget is a special company in a special place.

ExactTarget was recently acquired by Salesforce, the world’s number one sales, service and marketing app. The company will still, however maintain their autonomy and independence. They have a very clear mission in terms of what they are doing in the digital world and digital marketing place. I really think they have their act together and it’s just one of those things where I walked away from the conference thinking that this company is in that golden triangle right now.

Over the next couple weeks I am going to be spending some time wrapping my arms around the new announcements and enhancements ExactTarget is making to their platform, so stay tuned for those. Specifically the enhancements around predictive analytics and what it means to digital marketers. They have something new called Journey Builder, a cloud based lifecycle marketing application that delivers personalized customer experiences to large scale audiences. If you’re a marketing geek like me, it’s very exciting – technology finally catching up with the vision that all of us have had for some time.
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