How to Attract Top Talent During the Interview Process

By Olivia Dauksas| November 19, 2018

Today’s highly competitive tech landscape presents unique opportunities and challenges for recruiters. The best talent is typically not just looking for any job; they’re looking for the right job. This is why it’s crucial to let prospects know what sets your company apart from the very beginning.

Attracting the Right Talent

For the most part, recruiters are responsible for giving candidates the first impression of your company. Just as a great candidate remains at the top of an application pool, a notable interview process could be the deciding factor between whether you attract your dream employee or lose them to a competitor. While money is certainly a deciding factor, it’s not the only factor motivating today’s technology professionals. Before a candidate walks out the door, it’s crucial that your hiring and recruiting efforts showcase what sets your company apart from the rest. This not only helps seal the deal but ensures that candidates who accept the offer become long-term, happy employees.

What Top Talent Really Wants

While every person is different, we’ve found that most savvy technologists place a premium on finding a company that exudes a great company culture. Equally important is a position where they can continue to evolve and grow in their career.

Here’s how we lead with these strengths throughout our hiring and recruiting process:

Great Company Culture

Nowadays, company culture has become one of the biggest drivers for applications. In fact, 80% of respondents said they would take a different offer if they did not feel connected to the company culture or the people. At BDO Digital, we not only highlight our stellar health insurance and 401k matching programs and performance incentives, but we also share what other benefits an BDO Digital employee can expect. This includes office massages, company parties, flex time, and an overall attention to employee wellness and happiness. After all, being professional doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun in the process! This is one of BDO Digital's core values and an important part of a positive work culture that we want to make evident from the very first interaction with a candidate.

Career Development

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” This is a quintessential interview question that’s used by recruiters to learn a lot about candidate’s readiness for a career with your company. At BDO Digtial, this is also an opportunity to highlight how our on-the-job mentoring and training programs can help them reach their goals. By taking the time to truly understand a candidate during the phone screening, we’re better prepared to talk to them about realistic career opportunities that would genuinely interest them when it comes time to negotiate an offer. It’s not all about money; most candidates who choose to accept an offer with BDO Digital base their decision on our ability to help them develop their talent and grow their career.

When it comes to acquiring and retaining top talent, we know that giving employees what they need to be happy and successful is critical to the success of our business. As the saying goes, “happy employees make happy clients.” Therefore, we ensure that every employee receives a positive experience from the very beginning.