Chicago Area Full-Service IT Solutions Providers’ Internship Program

By Fran Peters| August 21, 2012
I am very proud of BDO Digital's Internship Program. We offer paid internships to students who are currently enrolled in a college or university and are in good standing. BDO Digital gives students the opportunity to learn and broaden their skills sets through our human resources, marketing, sales and technology-focused internships. We hire hardworking, highly-qualified candidates that we feel fit our corporate culture well. BDO Digital's Internship Program is a mutually beneficial experience. Our interns are given meaningful tasks that have an impact on our business and as a result, we do hire many interns as full-time employees from this program.

Here’s what our current interns have said about their experience and what they have learned working at BDO Digital:

Great internships are often hard to find, especially those that provide an excellent learning experience for students in the field of their choice. In most cases, interns are not given the real-world experience necessary to succeed in future positions. As interns at BDO Digital, we are thankful for this excellent opportunity that we have been given to gain extensive real-world experience and to see what a motivational employee culture is all about.

It is difficult not to notice the excellent working environment at BDO Digital. There are smiling faces at every door eager to help in any situation regardless of their position or rank in the company. It has been so motivating to work with people who love their jobs and are excited to start their day at BDO Digital. As interns, we have been welcomed into the culture and were able to attend the several events that have been held this summer. The most recent was the Chicago Cubs outing to Wrigley Field where we got to enjoy an exciting game and delicious food with our colleagues and friends.

We also had the privilege this summer to plan the 2012 BDO Digital Olympic Games. This was an employee competition that consisted of two weeks’ worth of exciting events. It was a wonderful experience for us to learn how a business operated and to manage a project from start to finish. It was thrilling to get to plan and organize each event. BDO Digital was eager to let us contribute our creative input. We were so thankful too that our ideas were heard by upper management and allowed to be executed. We did not expect to have this much autonomy and voice as interns.

As a Human Resource intern, you really get the chance to focus on learning and understanding each step of the recruiting process. You gain the necessary people skills to discuss positions openly with potential candidates. You also get to work on exciting HR projects in support of company needs. Teamwork is a key factor in any section of the company, but the HR department especially values the need to work in a team. This is a great opportunity that has provided the groundwork of experience needed to help us to exceed expectations in future positions.

As a Marketing intern there always is a chance for learning and developing essential marketing tools. As a crucial part of the marketing team you work with potential clients and update information in the database. You get to attend the many luncheons the company holds by assisting in preparation and event details. The marketing team is always observant of your interests and works hard to give you experience in each of those areas. This internship allows you to experience different aspects of marketing which will help you to excel in the future.

This company has not only helped us to expand our knowledge and professional experience, but has shown us the direction we would like to take our careers. Without BDO Digital, we might have been trapped in a company that only trusted us to pick up their coffee. Thankfully, we were trusted and supported along our journey. We are so grateful to have had this experience that prepared us for the future ahead. We would like to thank all of our mentors for their continued help and support.

– Sarah Derry, Andrew Mullins, Marne Warda