Manage Time with Better Technology: Microsoft Power Automate. What is it and do you need it?

By BDO Digital | January 22, 2020

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is an Online Workflow Service that automates actions across common workplace applications and services to make your life easier. When creating an automated workflow, you can sync files, follow up on new sales leads, receive notifications, collect data and more. Once creating your flow, you can set up a multistep process to do actions across over 220 services, such as receiving a notification when new data is added on SharePoint.  You can also manage the recurrence of the flow, deciding how often it runs and when. 
Each flow has a Trigger and one or more Actions. 
  • The Trigger is the starting action of the flow, such as an item being added to your SharePoint list.
  • The Actions are what happens once the trigger is acted, meaning once the item is added to your SharePoint list, an email is sent, or you receive a text message. 

These keys steps organize your automation flow and give you the desired results.

The system is simple. Once logging into Power Automate, there's a menu bar to direct your needs. To highlight a few, there are areas to manage your current workflows, create new ones and view templates to see what's available. Other key areas are Data and Solutions, where you can view connections, custom gateways and manage your solutions. Using Power Automate removes time-consuming tasks to better prioritize your workday.   

How Can Microsoft Power Automate Help You?   

By automating common tasks that had previously been a time-consuming, manual effort, you free up more time to focus on value-added initiatives. For example, once creating your own flow, or using a pre-designed template, Power Automate can set up a multistep flow that can send you a text message whenever you receive a priority email, or let you manage and send approvals from the web or mobile device. Microsoft Power Automate can even create a flow to monitor your social media, if someone mentions your company on Twitter, you can create a flow to follow that person, send a friendly reply back, add their details to a SQL Server database, SharePoint list, or Microsoft Excel file and email you for final approval. 

Have a collaborative group? No worries, Power Automate has Team Flow, a multiuser flow. Team Flow allows multiple employees to manage one flow and have access to its history, edit its properties and add or remove members.  Having the ability to have multiple users control the flow ensures that automation can run, be altered, or deleted even if the originator of the flow leaves. Microsoft Power Automate brings value back to your time and turns your busy days into efficient days.
If your vision is to be workplace efficient, then automation is essential. Microsoft Power Automate organizes your tasks through automating the intermediates and gives you time back in your day to focus on what matters most to driving success for your business. So, if you're using multiple workplace platforms, why not connect through automation and make your workweek more effective, more valuable, and more automated.  
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