Ask BDO Digital: When It Comes To Custom Application Development What Sets BDO Digital Apart From The Competition?

By BDO Digital | May 09, 2014

BDO Digital provides a full-range of custom application development capabilities. As a multi-practice group, our team leverages the expertise of our software developers, infrastructure engineers and business process consultants to deliver custom business solutions that integrate into new or existing systems. Watch our latest episode of “Ask BDO Digital” to learn more about what sets us apart from the competition when it comes to custom application development.

When it comes to BDO Digital's custom application development services, our competition usually falls into three categories.

Offshore Teams

The first is the offshore teams, if you’re well organized and able to deliver detailed requirements for your custom application to them, they are able to build exactly what you’ve asked for, but not necessarily what you need. It’s also very difficult to bring these projects back onshore in a way that allows the business users to digest the system and integrate it into their business process.

Independent Consultants

The second is independent consultants, they often have a great deal of industry knowledge or a particular technical expertise, but they typically don’t have the broad range of technical expertise that is required to deliver against complex business applications required for today’s mid-market business. They also don’t have a team to back them up. You are reliant on a single person and when they aren’t available or when they move on to the next assignment or project, they are not going to be there to help support your business.

Enterprise Organizations

The third is the organizations that typically serve the enterprise and aren’t used to working for the mid-market. Those folks, although they are very capable and have the technical breadth to deliver complex custom applications, often have difficulty scaling their process and methodologies to what is appropriate and pragmatic for the mid-market. And those larger enterprise organizations will frustrate our customers with the amount of time, money and the process that they apply to the solution.

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