Prepare Your Practice for Value-Based Care: 4 Key Steps

By BDO Digital | December 11, 2018

With the introduction of value-based care, hospitals and physicians will be paid based on patient outcomes rather than fee-for-service healthcare. This new reform could be a game-changer in helping to reduce costs while achieving better health, however, it does mean that healthcare practitioners must play by a new set of rules. While value-based care is intended to improve the delivery of care to patients, providers are feeling the pressure to meet these new requirement scores or face a significant financial burden.

So what now? Here’s a look at 4 considerations for implementing value-based care within your organization.

4 Steps to Prepare for Value-Based Care


Know YOUR patients! Understanding which patients drive cost helps identify patient target populations and opportunities to improve. How? Integrate E.H.R. data with analytics software to develop predictive risk models or define priority based on volume. Pro tip: capture the top 15% of high-risk patients from your patient population to uncover future opportunities to improve.


Now, create your care model. This model needs to be evidence-based and easy to follow. Design workflows providing desired care to the target population. Discuss the roles/responsibilities of each physician and their teams to support new care models. Finally, identify measurable success metrics to understand the impact moving forward.


As you roll out this streamlined new care model, ensure you maximize user adoption by anticipating and preparing for disruption to critical systems and, most importantly, end users. As the model is adopted, you might find it’s not perfect... stay calm. Turn to your financial expert and analytics tools to identify patterns of high-cost spending and unnecessary cost associated with your organization.


Continuously analyze results driving improvement and maximizing impact on your target patient population. Rely on your internal IT team or a trusted partner to monitor your environment and defend against today’s threats. Measure data against benchmarks from the “create” phase, and support end-users ensuring the new care model reaches its full potential.

Let’s Face IT: healthcare faces intense and disruptive pressure to change. As technology becomes deeply integrated into our healthcare industry, IT departments struggle to keep up let alone focus on planning strategic solutions that lead to a future capable of providing value-based models.

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