BDO’s Tax Transformation Guide

The role of the tax function is changing. Digitization is shrinking the globe and making everything more connected. Tax regulation and legislative changes are requiring companies to have processes and systems in place in order to comply.

Today's tax professional is charged with advising senior management on the tax implications of strategic business decisions while simultaneously leading initiatives to directly support the organization’s financial objectives and help facilitate growth. Demands on tax professionals have never been higher. This is where tax transformation comes in.

Four Dimensions of Tax Transformation Maturity

Tax transformation is the journey from where you are today to where you what to go – and every business is at a different stage in that journey. Before embarking down the transformation path, businesses should take inventory of these four dimensions: data, technology, process, and people. Incremental improvements are possible at each stage, however the dimensions are all interconnected and integral to a holistic approach.


BDO’s Tax Transformation Guide outlines how middle market companies can transform their tax practice to navigate the increasingly complicated web of tax laws and regulations, increase the tax department’s adaptability and help gain insights to inform and drive business strategy. No two businesses will have the same tax transformation journey. This guide lays out key steps to develop and begin to execute a comprehensive strategy that balances the long-term vision with realistic short-term achievements.

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Matt Becker
National Managing Partner of Tax
  Mathew Demong
Northeast Tax Regional Managing Partner
Scott Hice
Tax Partner; National Practice Leader
  Karen Stone
Southeast Tax Regional Managing Partner
Jay Payne
Atlantic Tax Regional Managing Partner
  Ron Martin
Southwest Tax Regional Managing Partner
John Marquardt
Central Tax Regional Managing Partner
  Hoon Lee
West Tax Regional Managing Partner



Is your tax department running efficiently?

By fully integrating processes, people, technology, and data, companies are able to analyze their total tax liabilities across all jurisdictions and forecast how decisions and changes will impact tax standing. Watch our video to learn more about tax transformation ►