• Site Selection and Tax
    Credits & Incentives

National perspective. Local insight.

Site selection presents significant opportunities for both multinationals establishing footholds in the U.S. and U.S. firms expanding operations or offices into new states. Tax credits/incentives vary significantly from state to state. Minimizing state and local tax liabilities is an important consideration in selecting sites for production, distribution, sales, back office functions, customer assistance, and more.
BDO’s integrated, partner-led team is comprised of tax and industry professionals. We have strong working relationships with tax departments and economic development agencies that partner with us during the site selection and tax incentives process. Tax and business incentives can be awarded in the form of tax credits, tax rebates, tax exemptions for state and local taxes including income/franchise, sales and use taxes, payroll taxes and real and personal property taxes.  They may also include cash grants and infrastructure assistance.  We have decades of experience assisting clients with site selection, based on both business need and which of the numerous tax incentives may be available:
  • Expanding operations or establishing new offices
  • Consolidating operations or offices
  • Relocating operations or offices or employees
  • Moving existing employees to a new location
  • Downsizing operations
  • Retaining employees
  • Merging or acquiring another business or operation
  • Divesting of a business or operation
  • Training new or existing employees
  • Making capital expenditure for new equipment, systems, technology or processes
  • Adding new equipment, systems, technology or processes that will require training
  • Developing a Brownfield or Greenfield project