Never claimed R&D credits

If your company has never claimed R&D credits, BDO has a five-phased approach to help make an informed decision about whether and how the potential benefit warrants proceeding to each successive phase.
  • Phase 1 - The first phase estimates the benefit and develops a Phase 2 plan for how to secure it.
  • Phase 2 - If the benefit warrants and you decide to move into Phase 2, we identify and document the actual benefit.
  • Phase 3 - If the benefit is examined by tax authorities, we help support it on exam and at appeals.
  • Phase 4 – When permitted, we also help companies’ measure the benefit for financial statement (ASC 740-10) purposes.
  • Phase 5 - And to help reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of claiming future benefits, we recommend procedures and technologies to help make the identification and documentation of qualified costs and activities more efficient and effective.

To find out whether you qualify for the R&D tax credit, read our FAQ's and use our simple calculator:

R&D Tax Credit Calculator
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