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Managing the needs of your international workforce.

For international companies, coordinating payroll services can get complicated, quickly. From recording wages, distributing pay, and withholding and remitting the appropriate taxes, to considering the intentions of the assignment setup, a lot goes into making sure each country payroll is not only accurate, but compliant, too.
At BDO, our team of professionals has extensive experience in every aspect of the payroll process. Offering value-added advice and payroll services, we help our international clients establish, maintain, and review accurate, timely, and easy-to-understand compensation programs. Our services include:
Preliminary Payroll Review and Recommendations
Reviewing our clients’ existing systems – as well as their specific payroll needs – our international teams work together to recommend a payroll solution that will promote accurate and efficient reporting in all applicable countries.
BDO works directly with our clients’ internal payroll teams, third-party payroll service provider or individual company stakeholders to help implement accurate and effective payroll systems.
Assignment Benefit/Compensation Gathering
Offering key support, BDO professionals help our clients identify the sources and compensation for their various assignment benefits and allowances providers, while advising on any potential reporting and tax withholding requirements.
Assignment Compensation Worksheets
We can provide payroll data gathering summary spreadsheets with details of all compensation components, including assignment benefits by pay period and month, which can be further customized to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.
U.S. and Foreign Payroll Reconciliations
BDO offers our international business clients a year-end payroll review, which helps ensure complete and accurate payroll reporting and tax withholding. We then share information with our foreign counterparts to promote accurate reporting worldwide, as well as a detailed payroll breakdown.   

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