• Cybersecurity

    Strategy, services, and solutions to address the unique
    cyber risks of every organization.

Protecting a business starts with understanding a business.

As a business grows, information sharing grows along with it – with vendors, contractors, partners, and customers. And every one of these digital relationships presents a new set of cyber vulnerabilities. The need for security and the way in which it is implemented must be balanced thoughtfully, against the needs of an organization to operate effectively, and to actively pursue its future goals. While it is impossible to eliminate all risk of a cyber breach or attack, a well-designed program will actively mitigate those risks and minimize the negative impact on both short- and long-term business goals.
BDO’s Cybersecurity team is comprised of professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds: experienced IT, operations, data compliance, and data privacy advisors; cybersecurity engineers and architects; forensic technology, business advisory, and accounting practitioners. We are built to provide comprehensive, customized services for each client, focusing on an organization’s specific operating model, technical demands, regulatory environment, and industry dynamics. With experience in a variety of industries, including the most complex financial services, healthcare, retail, and natural resources businesses – we understand your needs.
BDO provides a range of cybersecurity services and solutions:
  • Cyber Risk Assessment and Security Testing – Assess risks and identify vulnerabilities to digital assets; evaluate potential impact and exposure, prioritizing risks against the costs of protection. Includes assessments, security testing, remediation, and executive-level reporting to guide security investments.
  • Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy, and Program Design – Design and implement a comprehensive program aligned with an existing enterprise risk management framework. Includes strategy, organizational structure, governance, policies and procedures, training, and both internal and external communications.
  • Information Governance and Data Privacy – Establish compliance with evolving global data privacy and protection regulations in alignment with an organization’s existing practices. Implement technology and protocols with applicable data privacy policies in accordance with country-specific data protection requirements, leveraging BDO resources in over 160 countries.
  • Incident Response Planning – Develop and test comprehensive incident response plans to minimize the impact of a data breach, including identification of cause and implementation of remediation measures for affected areas. Considers company processes, as well as roles and responsibilities of individuals throughout the organization.
  • Cyber Insurance – Identify and quantify incurred event response costs for inclusion and submission in an insured entity’s claim. Pre-loss services include measuring estimated response costs related to data breach scenarios to assist in evaluating cyber insurance coverage. 
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security – Identify potential risk of data loss, perform on-site assessments, create reports on compliance (ROCs), and conduct other security testing activities required for brick and mortar and e-commerce merchants, processors, and third-party service providers. 
  • Managed Security – Provide managed security operations center (SOC) as a service, managed detection and response (MDR) services, security incident event management (SIEM) as a service, threat intelligence, cloud migration, and virtual desktop services.
  • Threat Intelligence – Board awareness training, with emerging threat updates, penetration testing, cyber security threat landscaping, dark web recon, and dark web analysis.
  • IT Security – Offer proactive and reactive guidance by conducting end-to-end assessments, and creating policies and methodologies. Also provide wide range of recovery services, conduct awareness training, and test systems to identify vulnerabilities.