• eConnaissance®

Protecting funds with information.

In conjunction with traditional due diligence reports and updates, BDO offers eConnaissance®, a continuous monitoring service that provides clients with ongoing, daily intelligence feeds on critical issues affecting fund managers. Working with fund of funds, investment banks, private equity firms, institutional allocators, and family office investors, BDO’s eConnaissance® allows allocators to track changes affecting managers’ professional or regulatory status, enhancing risk management safeguards for both investors and stakeholders.
We also perform enhanced due diligence on individuals and entities to alert clients to potential risk or disclosure issues. eConnaissance® enables clients to perform the following:
  • Monitor multiple individuals simultaneously
  • Support a comprehensive risk program
  • Follow up on high risk activity
  • Deploy operational due diligence resources more effectively 
Closing the gap between performing initial due diligence and conducting investigative updates, eConnaissance® can help reduce the overall cost of a risk program by enabling resources to be deployed more efficiently and effectively.
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