• Citizenship by Investment

Thoroughness. Integrity. Efficiency.

Granting citizenship is an important decision that impacts the reputation of a nation’s citizenship program and its national government. Proper due diligence is critical to protect the integrity of the program as well as the granting nation.
BDO conducts investigations on behalf of government programs worldwide. Employing in-country intelligence resources, our professionals deliver comprehensive and cost-effective investigative reporting and analysis, enabling a nation to grant citizenship with confidence. Covering jurisdictions around the world allows us to effectively manage counterparty risk, as well as provide clients with knowledge of cultural and legal issues at the local level. Types of risks identified include:
  • Criminal activity
  • Misrepresentations or factual omissions
  • Unreported financial issues
  • Civil litigation
  • Character issues
  • Questionable associations or relationships
  • Links to financial or organized crime 
We provide clients with individualized service delivered through a team of highly skilled and trained professionals; we bring a unique depth of knowledge, analytical skills, reasoned judgment, and experience to each engagement. Generating information from a broad range of sources, our professionals refine information into intelligence. We deliver reports that alert clients to potential risks and advise on mitigation.
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