• Fraud Prevention

Identifying and preventing fraud.

Organizations face significant new challenges when it comes to managing fraud and corruption risk in today’s global economy. Multinational corporations must navigate varying legal and cultural norms across multiple jurisdictions and often rely upon third-party intermediaries to conduct critical business functions that expose them to new risks. BDO assists clients with compliance and fraud prevention programs that address regulatory matters, having resources on the ground in over 150 countries around the world to provide insights into local business customs, foreign languages, privacy laws and document collection requirements necessary to achieve their compliance objectives.

Having investigated hundreds of frauds, we advise clients on fraud risk and the means by which to deter, prevent, detect and remediate the recurrence of fraud. In addition, our forensics professionals have experience working on some of the worlds most complicated and high-profile investigations, presenting credible findings to the DOJ, SEC and other regulatory bodies.

Elements of BDO’s fraud prevention program include:
  • Fraud Risk Assessments
  • Fraud Internal Control Design, Testing & Remediation
  • Fraud and Ethics Training & Education
    Background  Checks / Investigative Due Diligence
  • Hotline Design, Implementation & Monitoring
  • Fraud Data Analytics
  • Board and Audit Committee Anti-Fraud Advisory
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