• IT Audit

A proactive approach.

For all the opportunities technology brings to companies, it can bring just as many risks – especially for companies that are growing rapidly.
BDO’s IT Audit team conducts a deep risk assessment and audit of an organization’s IT environment to determine where risks are. We help clients create systems and processes to keep organizations safe, from testing data back-up procedures to creating rigorous methods that will safeguard information when employees leave the company. Our professionals also help ensure that clients’ IT systems comply with regulatory requirements.
Sometimes, our clients know what areas they want us to focus on; in others, we perform a thorough investigation, from top to bottom. In both cases, we provide tailored recommendations based on what we find, relying on decades of experience and insight. We also leverage the knowledge gained from continuous active involvement in the IT industry; our professionals regularly attend meetings and trainings with industry experts to stay on top of the latest developments.
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